Vialli has always believed he could become Sampdoria president, says Lanna

Marco Lanna, the president of Sampdoria, has made remarks concerning football legend Gianluca Vialli at the “A Man, A Champion, Gianluca Vialli” event.

According to Lanna, Vialli was one of the first people he turned to when he was asked to become Sampdoria’s president. During their discussion, Vialli, who was very familiar with the club’s structure, advised him to follow his instincts. It is reported that he maintained regular communication with Vialli who was always eager to know about the club’s progress and provide advice.

Lanna recalls that Vialli nourished an enduring dream of becoming Sampdoria’s president. “He believed firmly, until the summer of 2022, in his potential to become president of Sampdoria, and I always told him that I was keeping the chair warm for him,” says Lanna.

He indicates that their collaboration aimed to build a Sampdoria that upheld the values of an earlier time. Lanna relates that they held numerous late-night phone calls, usually once a week when Vialli was free from work and family commitments.

Regretfully, Lanna states that Vialli’s main disappointment was his inability to realize his wish of becoming the president of Sampdoria.

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