Verona: FIGC Prosecution Initiates Proceedings Against Sogliano

The Italian Football Federation (FIGC) has commenced proceedings against Sean Sogliano, the sporting director of Hellas Verona. The action follows Sogliano’s post-match comments against match officials and VAR (video assistant referee) after Verona’s defeat against Inter Milan. Sogliano strongly criticised the officials’ decision to uphold a goal scored by Frattesi, despite what he saw as a foul by Bastoni on Duda.

The sporting director’s comments did not sit well with the federal prosecutor’s office. They found his remarks offensive towards the VAR operator Nasca. They decided to summon him to clarify the intent behind his public criticism of the VAR procedure.

In his post-match comment, Sogliano had said, “I don’t want to be unpleasant or confrontational: I understand that people find it more interesting to talk about Inter’s victory than poor Verona who have suffered an injustice. There’s no point in getting upset, I am truly disappointed by this system, by two professionals whom I respect but who inexplicably failed to call the referee. Perhaps someone higher up than the VAR decided it should go this way.”

Now Sogliano’s comments have triggered proceedings by FIGC prosecutors, opening a new chapter in the ongoing debate around VAR’s implementation within the sport.

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