Verona, Baroni: We’ve been wanting to celebrate for so long

Hellas Verona’s coach, Marco Baroni, expressed his delight at his team’s victory over Cagliari in an interview with DAZN.

Reflecting on the game, Baroni hailed his team’s performance and their ability to triumph over a challenging opponent. “We’re pleased for everything and for the fans. We’ve long wanted to yell with joy. We’ve carried the match forward well and the first half wasn’t easy. They’re a strong team with physicality, and I understand the results they’ve had in recent games. They’re a team that never gives up.”

Baroni also made a strategic move to shift pressure to the left-side of the pitch with two substitutions. “We made two changes because we needed more thrust on the left. We’re pleased. Now, it’s time for a quick celebration before we prepare for the next match,” Baroni said.

Turning to individual performances, Baroni was full of praise for Cyril Ngonge. “Cyril is on the right path; he’s a lad with great talent. He’s also working on the non-possession phase and he’s very available. Our overlapping system at the back helps him a lot. Today he was good at managing one-on-one situations, and moving into the central areas, which he likes to do a lot.”

Baroni further commented on Ngonge’s promising potential, urging the player to keep working hard as his future holds the possibility of playing for major teams.

Addressing Hellas Verona’s recent turnaround in form, Baroni suggested a change in their playing system was key. “When you play a championship like ours and when we changed the playing system, the team finally convinced itself that there’s a different football. Now the team believes in it and does everything with enthusiasm. We have huge scope for improvement, which makes our job easier,” Baroni concluded.

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