Vanoli said to have informed Venezia of departure: Torino deal imminent

Paolo Vanoli has announced his departure from Venezia.

This development paves the way for his imminent appointment as the new manager of Torino.

The countdown is nearing its end.

Paolo Vanoli is one step away from becoming the next head coach of Torino, with all the pieces falling into place like a puzzle.

In his statement, Vanoli revealed: “I am thankful for my time at Venezia, but I am now ready for a new challenge.”

A source close to the negotiations has confirmed: “Vanoli’s move to Torino is practically a done deal.”

The official announcement is expected soon, with both clubs finalising the details.

Fans of Torino eagerly await the confirmation, hoping Vanoli’s expertise will propel the team to new heights.

Stay tuned for further updates as the situation develops.

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