Vaciago: Such a mistake as Nasca’s at Var cannot be made

Guido Vaciago, the director of Tuttosport, has discussed at length about the controversial incident that marred yesterday’s match between Inter and Verona.

Vaciago was forthright about his disbelief in conspiracies, match-fixing, and decisions taken from above impacting the course of games but could not fathom the error made at the VAR deck, managed by Luigi Nasca. “I don’t have a plausible technical reason for what happened, since the problem wasn’t unclear images or a difficult interpretation of the rules,” said Vaciago, per Tuttosport.

Vaciago stressed the need for transparency on how the controversial decision was made in the VAR room during the Inter-Verona game, as it concerns the integrity of the championship and serves the best interest of Inter. He further added that with the current progress of the season, one cannot help but question how decisions are being made at Lissone (the location of the VAR headquarters).

Vaciago went on to discuss how minutiae such as a blade of grass for an offside decision or a stud cancelling a goal are given considerable attention, but blatant fouls such as Bani’s handball, Bisseck’s push, and Bastoni’s elbow seem to go unnoticed. This statement shines a light on his skepticism towards the decision-making process employed by the officials present in the VAR room.

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