Vaciago: Rabiot not as bad as portrayed in initial three Juve seasons

Guido Vaciago, the director of Tuttosport, has spoken out about Adrien Rabiot’s latest performances for Juventus.

“Remember when people were saying Rabiot was poor and being paid too much?” Vaciago asked in his interview with Tuttosport, adding, “Today, that idea is even more laughable.”

This comment follows Rabiot’s triumphant goal that led Juventus to a victory over Roma, and reignited the team’s campaign, now just two points behind Inter.

By helping to secure this win, Rabiot has confirmed his place as a technical leader in this season’s Juventus squad, Vaciago argues. He believes that the state of current Juventus and the way judgments can be entirely mistaken is illustrated by Rabiot’s transformation.

“Rabiot is not poor as he was depicted in his first three seasons at Juventus,” he says, “but that Rabiot was much different from today’s Rabiot.” He implies that Rabiot has significantly improved his performance and proven the initial criticism wrong.

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