Vaciago on refereeing errors: Hard to explain to Juventus fans

Guido Vaciago, the director of Tuttosport, has used his regular editorial to delve into the comments made by Gianluca Rocchi over referee errors. His remarks revolve around the honesty and courage needed to admit errors, particularly in a setting where blame typically falls on others.

Vaciago commends Rocchi for publicly highlighting eight significant mistakes that took place in the first half of the season. The frankness with which the referee analysed the situation shows that these were genuine errors, not part of a conspiracy to favour Inter in the race for the Scudetto.

“It takes courage and intellectual honesty to admit mistakes, especially in a country where the blame is always of others. So, it is not a minor merit that of Gianluca Rocchi who yesterday came forward and listed eight rather serious mistakes, occurred in the first leg. And the transparency with which the designator analysed them, not hiding behind too many excuses, is the first guarantee that they are errors, not parts of a conspiracy aimed at gifting the Scudetto to Inter. It is important to underline it because sweeping away the suspicions allows us to analyse the situation with more clarity”, according to Vaciago.

This emphasis dispels suspicions and allows for a more lucid analysis of a situation which, in Rocchi’s candid assessment, leaves a lot to be desired. It is concerning to say the least, according to Vaciago’s comments on Juventus News 24.

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