Vaciago: Juve enjoys Lewangatti, must question Vlahovic

Respected journalist Guido Vaciago had some words to share in Tuttosport about Juventus’ performance yesterday evening against Napoli.

Describing their game, Vaciago remarked that while the team relied heavily on the performance of Lewangatti, they must examine the role of Vlahovic more closely. He insinuated that while on the surface the team is lacking the anticipated sparkle, there was still a level of functionality provided in a bare-bones, fundamental manner.

Speaking on the subject of Vlahovic specifically, Vaciago stated in Tuttosport that the highlight of Dusan’s game was undoubtedly his interaction with Orsato. During a debatable contact in the area, Vlahovic indicated to the referee that he had merely slipped, all of his own accord.

“For Vlahovic, the only truly beautiful thing from the match was the gesture where he removes any doubt for Orsato about a contact in the box, signalling that he slipped by himself,” Vaciago was quoted saying.

The journalist praised this sportsmanlike behaviour but was also quick to point out the missed opportunity, stating that it “reflects well on him, but it doesn’t erase the badly wasted goal, not like a forward, at the nineteenth minute.”

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