Unsurprising Atalanta among certainties and problems even on Christmas Eve

In a disappointing pre-Christmas turn of events, Atalanta finds themselves facing a loss. The traditionally held belief that good behaviour is rewarded is proving to be a contrast to reality for the team, as despite showing merit, they haven’t always received results.

Atalanta’s performance under the leadership of Gian Piero Gasperini has shown consistency. The team’s ability to compete fairly against all opponents, provided they are in the right mindset, has been noted. Yet, they have also demonstrated a tendency to lose points which could have been easily gained, displaying a pattern seen from the matches in Florence to Rome with Lazio until Bologna.

How one handles defeat can be multifaceted. The team has shown signs of progress due to a consistent mental approach. Following the disaster in Torino, the displayed desire and hunger to win on the field has been generally well-received. However, individual player missteps at crucial times, in addition to several missed opportunities, raises questions about their defensive capabilities.

The loss has led to Atalanta dropping to eighth place, where they can only rejoin the UEFA area through multiple wins. This predicament brings forth a conscious understanding of their capabilities and limitations. Here, the January transfer window could potentially serve as a perfect Christmas gift. The team, it is hoped, will learn from its errors and rebound stronger to compete effectively in the coming matches.

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