Union Berlin, Bonucci’s club announces Bjelica as new manager

Union Berlin has officially announced the appointment of Nenad Bjelica, former Spezia coach, as their new head coach. Bjelica will be leading the team currently headed by Leonardo Bonucci.

The team’s President stated in the announcement: “With Nenad Bjelica, we were able to attract an experienced coach who has worked successfully in various countries.” This statement came during the club’s official calendar release.

The President went on to express confidence in Bjelica’s leadership abilities, suggesting Bjelica has a strategy in mind for the team. However, this part of the statement has been kept vague deliberately.

He said,” Bjelica has clear ideas about how he wants to steer our team and the type of football he wants to play.”

Bjelica, thus, has been entrusted with the mission of leading the team back to success, it was explicitly clarified in a statement by the club’s President.

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