Unforgettable Atalanta-Torino, the ‘Tir’ roar that drove Pisani crazy!

“One of the most memorable Atalanta-Torino matches is definitely the one from the 2010-2011 season, marked by Tiribocchi’s goal in the final moments of the game. When you think of that match, you can only think of one player: Simone Tiribocchi. He was a former Torino player in the early 2000s and then moved to Bergamo in 2009, scoring one of the most exciting and spectacular goals ever seen in this match against Toro.

The 2010/2011 season was the one that led Atalanta to promotion to Serie A, thanks to the work of Colantuono, Percassi, and Doni. However, they had a slow start: Novara and Siena were already ahead and Atalanta needed a win while searching for their winning formula. On October 10, 2010, a struggling Torino team arrived in Bergamo, barely hanging on to a playoff spot.

After only six minutes, Atalanta was already in the lead. Doni-Ruopolo created an action on the left, and an unmarked Padoin scored the temporary 1-0 goal. Cristiano was always involved, with shots from outside the box (ending up high) and an assist to Ardemagni, who found himself face to face with Robinho, but missed the shot wide.

Missed goal, conceded goal, and at the 23rd minute, Torino equalized with an exceptional shot from Sgrigna. In the second half, the visitors played well, but it was at the 18th minute that Atalanta made the decisive substitution, bringing on Tiribocchi, who deceived the Granata at the 92nd minute. A free kick from the right for the Nerazzurri, a cross, Cofie fails to control the ball, and it falls perfectly for Tiribocchi, who volleys it into the net, scoring the winning goal in front of a jubilant Curva Pisani.

Fate wanted the script to be repeated in the return leg with Jack Bonaventura. A decisive haul for the push towards Serie A.” (Source: BBC Sports)

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