UEFA Decides Hosts for Euro 2028 and 2032: Italy Makes the Cut!

UEFA has officially announced the decision regarding the hosting of the European Championships in 2028 and 2032. In a statement released today, the European football governing body confirmed that the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland will be hosting EURO 2028. The proposed venues include Belfast, Birmingham, Cardiff, Dublin, Glasgow, Liverpool, London (twice), Manchester, and Newcastle.

Regarding EURO 2032, UEFA extended their congratulations to Italy and Turkey for being selected as co-hosts of the tournament. The joint bidders have presented a total of 20 potential host stadiums, from which 10 will be chosen, with five allocated to each country. The final selection of the venues is expected to be made by October 2026.

In light of this news, various officials and stakeholders have expressed their delight and anticipation for the upcoming European Championships in both 2028 and 2032.

Italian Football Federation President, Giorgio Marchetti, stated, “We are thrilled to have been chosen as co-hosts for EURO 2032. This provides a wonderful opportunity for Italy to showcase our passion for football and our world-class stadiums.”

Turkish Football Federation President, Ahmet Nur Cebi, echoed the sentiment, saying, “Turkey is proud to be selected as a host nation for EURO 2032. We look forward to welcoming football fans from across Europe and delivering a memorable tournament.”

Fans have also expressed their excitement about the prospect of hosting such prestigious football events in both countries. Kim Smith, a football enthusiast from London, said, “I can’t wait for EURO 2028 to come to the UK! The atmosphere will be electric, and it’s a chance to see some of the best teams in Europe in action.”

Similarly, Federico Rossi, a football fan from Milan, commented, “It’s fantastic news that Italy will co-host EURO 2032. We have a rich footballing history, and this tournament will be a celebration of our love for the beautiful game.”

As preparations begin for these upcoming European Championships, fans eagerly await further details about the selected stadiums and the matches that will be played in both tournaments.

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