Udinese’s Walace: I’ve Always Said Samardzic is a Top-Class Player

Udinese’s Brazilian midfielder, Walace, has voiced his opinions about Lazar Samardzic’s future.
Walace conducted an interview with Udinese’s official channels, where he discussed Samardzic’s performance and potential.

“Lazar Samardzic is a top-class player, I always say that,” said Walace. According to the Brazilian, Samardzic has experienced a lot in recent months, including a stint at Inter before returning to Udinese.

The change in scenery has made him a topic of conversation and speculation. Walace says, he is unsure about what goes inside his head but assures Samardzic receives continued support from the team.

Emphasising the importance of the young starlet, Walace referred to him as a “great player” who is crucial to the team. In the same interview, Walace expressed optimism about Lovric’s development as well.

He acknowledged that Lovric had an exceptional last season, albeit with less playing time this year. However, Walace is convinced that despite reduced game minutes, Lovric’s performances are on the rise.

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