Udinese’s Pozzo: We have all the means to survive, one day I hope to return to Europe

Udinese owner, Gino Pozzo, has set forth his ambitions for the club at the club’s annual Christmas dinner.

Pozzo, in his speech, positioned Udinese as an underdog team, stating that they aim to secure a spot in the middle of the league table for now, as competing for the top positions seems out of reach.

He expressed belief in the team’s ability to avoid relegation. “We want to stay in Serie A and we have all the right tools to do so,” he said. “Now, let’s work hard to improve and lift ourselves from the bottom.”

Displaying resilience, Pozzo continually referred to the team’s long-standing tenure in the Serie A, to bolster their resolve. He reminded all present that Udinese has maintained their position in the league for 29 years, not by chance, but through a clear and effective strategy.

Despite the current struggles, Pozzo remained ambitious, expressing that he nurtures the dream of having Udinese return to European competition one day. He emphasized that the club’s current situation serves as a stepping stone towards that ultimate goal.

“Football and Udinese are a passion for me,” Pozzo declared. Infused with the spirit of a true fan, he tried to resonate with the supporters, affirming that he experiences the highs and lows of the club just as any fan would. He concluded, “I can assure you that I too don’t enjoy losing.”

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