Udinese’s Lucca: Learning from Haaland

Udinese striker Lorenzo Lucca has recently opened up about his inspiration and his current form in the Serie A during an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport.

In his interview, the Italian forward highlighted the significant role of a mentor in Torino, without naming the individual, in shaping his performance on the pitch.

A part of the session was centred around his aspirational figure, Erling Haaland. Lucca was quoted as saying, “We analyse the game through videos, the goals, and even the mistakes. I study Haaland’s movements, who structurally resembles me, though he’s left-footed. I try to learn the movements inside the box,” as per La Gazzetta dello Sport’s report.

The Udinese player then delved into the tactics he adopts during his game, insisting on the importance of understanding various dynamics within the box to outmanoeuvre the defenders. He reportedly said you need to “always be aware of the ball, goal, and defender and stay in the shadow of the defender. And understand with a visual map that you control the defender.”

Lucca further acknowledged the significance of putting in extra hours outside team training, concluding with, “If you want to become an important footballer, you need to do this kind of work and you need to do it apart from your team’s training because your coach doesn’t have the time and has thirty people to follow every day.”

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