Udinese’s Lucca hopes for National team consideration under Spalletti’s watch

Udinese striker, Lorenzo Lucca, has openly discussed his personal ambitions and performance in the first half of the season with the Italian club.

In a statement to SportMediaset, the forward focused on his immediate goals, stressing the importance of aiding his team on the pitch. His main aim is to contribute by scoring with Udinese in the aim of securing more match victories.

Lucca stated plainly, “I need to score goals for Udinese first, to help win matches, then the Euros will follow. I have heard that Spalletti is watching my performance and I’m pleased about that.”

When pressed further about his ambitions, the Italian forward alluded to his dreams of playing on a broader stage. He added, “Being called up to the national squad and getting to play in the European and world championships is a dream I hold onto.”

Lucca also took the opportunity to express gratitude towards his club for the faith they have shown in him. He acknowledged his path to prominence has been longer compared to some of his counterparts, but he voiced appreciation for the fact Udinese provided him with the opportunity to debut in Serie A.

Keeping his own personal goals close to his chest, Lucca said he would give his utmost to achieve them. However, he emphasized, “my first consideration is the objectives of the team.”

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