Udinese’s Lovric: Finally a home win!

Udinese midfielder Sandi Lovric expressed immense satisfaction and a sense of determination after the team’s victory over Bologna. Speaking to TV12, Lovric shared some significant insights.

“We are very happy, we finally won at home,” exclaimed Lovric. He further described a mix of joy and high concentration within the locker room, an indication of commitment even in celebration.

Underlining the team’s anticipation for this game, Lovric revealed that they started on a high note. Confirming their readiness, he said: “We knew it would be a tough game, but it was clear from the start that we wanted to win. We were convinced about it from the first minute.”

He stressed their aggressive strategy right from the start, which resulted in a just victory, highlighting the importance of ‘hunger’ for maintaining this momentum in future games.

The Udinese star underlined their joy, emphasising that it was not just about the quality of their performance but finally getting the result they desired.

Lovric described the victory as “extremely important” for the team, adding that their satisfaction is doubled as the hard work of previous weeks is finally reflected in the final score.

However, he further emphasized that one victory is not enough. “We want to repeat this. We will be focusing on the next match as soon as tomorrow”.

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