Udinese’s Cioffi: We won’t go to Inter expecting to lose

Udinese coach Gabriele Cioffi has spoken to the press during a conference ahead of the team’s clash with Inter Milan.

Cioffi made it clear that he expects his team to show both defensive stability and attacking prowess during the match. “I expect sacrifice, a defensive mentality and attacking gameplay, otherwise we will not earn points at San Siro,” he was quoted as saying at the press conference. He added that the team needs to be able to adapt and react to the flow of the game, as he conceded that a well-playing Inter Milan could possibly exploit any minor mistake made by his own squad.

The Udinese coach also understands that much will depend on how effectively his team responds to Inter’s offensive strategies. “We must run a lot. We will not go in there with the mindset that we’re going to lose, but rather we must have a healthy fear of not getting beaten, which keeps the adrenaline high,” Cioffi stated.

Speaking further, Cioffi was full of praise for Udinese’s young talent, Samardzic. The coach said, “For Samardzic, all matches should be important, not just this one. I’m convinced he will have a great game.” Such a confident prediction certainly suggests that the manager firmly believes in the youngster’s ability to make an impactful contribution in what promises to be a challenging match at San Siro.

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