Udinese’s Cioffi finds six-minute slump unacceptable, refuses to comment on penalty

Udinese coach Gabriele Cioffi gave his post-match comments following the game against Inter.

Speaking to Sky Sport, Cioffi expressed regret on how the game’s result was decided. “I’m disappointed that the match was unlocked by an incident that I will not comment on or discuss,” he stated.

However, Cioffi maintained that in terms of sporting integrity, the team must accept the result, despite it not aligning with their objectives.

Reflecting upon his strategy for the match, Cioffi revealed that he would make the same decisions again, believing there were more benefits than drawbacks to his approach. An attempt to pin down Inter would have left Udinese vulnerable, he explained.

Cioffi, therefore, concluded that his team was in no position to keep up with Inter’s pace. His comments indicate that the strategy focused on a more conservative approach, which unfortunately might not have favorably played out for Udinese.

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