Udinese transfer market, Balzaretti discusses Perez and Samardzic’s position

Federico Balzaretti, Udinese’s sporting director, has been discussing the future of two key players. In an interview with Sky Sport, he detailed the situation surrounding footballers Perez and Samardzic in the transfer market.

Speaking about Samardzic, Balzaretti confirmed, “He has many admirers in Italy and overseas. There has been contact with Napoli. The presidents have spoken, but there is no close conclusion.” Balzaretti went on to praise Samardzic’s focus and noted that while his talent is recognised in Italy, there’s also interest from abroad, including the Premier League.

When talking about Perez, the Udinese directer emphasised that they are not keen to part with the player. Balzaretti said, “Napoli has also asked about him, but we want to keep him. He is a very central figure. With the injury to Bijol within the defence, he has a very important leadership role; therefore, our goal is to try to keep him.”

These comments were all made during Balzaretti’s conversation with Sky Sport, clearly illustrating Udinese’s intentions amidst the turbulent transfer market.

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