Udinese, Lucca: Victory is the result of everyday work

Following Udinese’s recent victory over Bologna, forward Lorenzo Lucca shared his thoughts in a post-match interview with DAZN.

Lucca attributed Udinese’s victory to weeks of hard work, saying, “We were coming from difficult weeks. This win is the result of our work, we have to remain focused and united. We have to always work this way, now it’s Lazio’s turn.”

When talking about the goal he scored during the match, Lucca recalled having a sense of it coming, even as team mate Lovric prepared to strike. “Well, when I saw Lovric shoot, I said to myself, now it’s coming to me and I am going to score, simple as that.”

After scoring his sixth goal of the season, Lucca mentioned the need for self-improvement and team contribution. He said he hadn’t initially had a strong performance in the first half of the match, but managed to redeem himself. Regarding his form, Lucca related it to his time at Pisa, “I must continue working and striving to do better.”

These comments could be interpreted as the Udinese forward’s commitment to his team and his relentless motivation to improve, despite challenges. His goals, like the one against Bologna, aren’t just personal achievements but a testament to the squad’s collective effort and tenacity. Now, Udinese sets their sights on their upcoming match against Lazio.

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