Udinese, Collavino: Confident in our values, we are the youngest

Udinese’s General Manager, Franco Collavino, has addressed the team’s future plans during the club’s Christmas toast.

According to Collavino, the current sporting situation prompts some thoughts about the team’s ranking. “However, this year we have done many things beyond the pitch,” he said. He announced how Udinese had begun the year with the acknowledgement of being Italy’s most sustainable club, ranking fourth globally. Although the club has not achieved much success on the field, it had savoured victories, such as their double triumph against Milan.

Collavino highlighted Udinese’s participation in “The Stadium Business Summit” in June. He pointed out with pride that they boasted the second youngest squad in the championship, promising a secure future value. The club also plans to construct a significant photovoltaic plant on the roof of their stadium, aiming to be the first carbon-neutral stadium in Italy.

The early season was not straightforward. A change of coach was deemed necessary, though it brought discomfort. The team restarted with Mr Cioffi as coach, which was met with great enthusiasm and gave an immediate boost to the team’s morale. Under Cioffi’s management, the team aims to showcase talents already selected by their scouting, such as Lucca-Ebosele-Zemura, Pafundi-Tikvic, and Pejicic.

The move to Medianordest is expected to give a significant boost to the network. Collavino admitted sports can have dissatisfying moments. However, he emphasised the importance of a 360-degree growth journey for the team.

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