Udinese claim first home victory with 3-0 win over Bologna

It was an engaging match at the Bluenergy Stadium where Udinese took on Bologna for the 18th round of the Serie A 2023/2024 season.

From the onset, the game was very evenly poised. Within the first 8 minutes, both teams were still sizing each other up. Bologna’s Urbanski was quick to draw attention with his risky challenge against an Udinese player in the 12th minute, narrowly avoiding a second yellow card.

The 23rd minute saw Udinese almost score, with attempts made by Ebosele and Kamara. However, it was in the 25th minute that Udinese broke the deadlock. Pereyra, following a long-range shot from Payero, scored the opening goal of the match.

At the 35th minute, Bologna had their first significant opportunity with Zirkzee’s turn inside the penalty area. The first half came to a close shortly after a three-minute injury time.

As the second half resumed, Udinese were quick to double their lead, with Lucca scoring in the 49th minute after a poorly-struck shot from Lovric turned into an assist. Just three minutes later, Udinese extended their lead further as Payero completed a counter-attack begun by Pereyra.

58 minutes in, Lucca had a goal disallowed for offside, depriving Udinese of a fourth goal. Bologna appeared to struggle to respond; Osolini’s weak shot attempt at the 70th minute encapsulated the lack of threat from the team.

At the end of five minutes of stoppage time, the match came to a close, securing Udinese’s first home victory of the season.

Man of the match was awarded to Pereyra of Udinese. Final score: Udinese 3, Bologna 0, with goals from Pereyra in the 25th minute, Lucca in the 49th, and Payero in the 52nd.

The Udinese side consisted of Okoye, Ferreira, Perez, Kristensen, Festy, Lovric, Walace, Payero, Kamara, Pereyra, and Lucca, with Cioffi as the manager. Bologna fielded Skorupski, Posch, Beukema, Calafiori, Kristiansen, Freuler, Moro, Urbanski, Ferguson, Saelemaekers, and Zirkzee, under the management of Motta.

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