Udinese, Cioffi says Samardzic failed to show his potential

Gabriele Cioffi, Udinese’s coach, has spoken at the press conference ahead of their match against Milan. He expressed the importance of humility and hunger for their upcoming game against Atalanta. He mentioned the need for his team to work on their attacking and defensive spaces, especially with the modern wingers who need to learn to read the game.

Cioffi emphasized the need for humility, saying, “Serve umiltà, l’umiltà che c’è stata andando da Monza a San Siro così come dovremo avere umiltà domani ricevendo l’Atalanta, dobbiamo avere umiltà e fame” (We need humility, the humility that there has been going from Monza to San Siro, as well as we will need humility tomorrow receiving Atalanta, we must have humility and hunger). He also discussed the return of Ehizibue and the work they are doing with the team’s wingers.

Cioffi also spoke about Samardzic’s progress, saying, “Gli chiedo sempre come si va con la palla, mi dice forte e senza palla ancora più forte. Non è ancora al pieno del suo potenziale, ma con il Milan ho già visto segnali importanti di crescita” (I always ask him how he’s doing with the ball, he says strong and without the ball even stronger. He’s not yet at his full potential, but with Milan I have already seen important signs of growth). This shows the coach’s confidence in the young player’s development.

With the team gearing up for their match against Atalanta, Cioffi’s words highlight the need for focus, hard work, and determination in the face of challenging opposition. This is [Your Name] reporting for BBC Sports.

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