Udinese: Balzaretti asserts revolution takes time

At the Udinese Christmas dinner last night, the newly appointed Sporting Director Federico Balzaretti discussed the club’s landscape and plans moving forward.

Balzaretti highlighted Udinese’s robust structure and identity, stating, “I’ve been here for a few months, but what I see is a club with a solid structure and very strong identity,” He implied, according to sources in the club.

The new sporting director also spoke about the strategy they have implemented, bringing in young talent and simultaneously giving responsibilities to the more experienced players. He mentioned their goal of growing players like Perez and Bijol to not only be the present but the future of the club.

He acknowledged that there have been games where they have struggled but maintained that they are close to achieving their goal. Balzaretti emphasized that the club still needed to grow mentally and could not sort out these kinds of situations alone.

“We need to create an environment and energy,” Balzaretti said, underscoring the importance of maintaining a supportive and positive club culture. The direct speech was quoted from an undisclosed source within the club.

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