Turkey, referees warn: Harsh decisions or we won’t return to the pitch

Turkish referee, Arda Kardesler, has expressed concerns about the safety of officials following the assault on Halil Umut Meler during the latest championship match. Kardesler spoke to Turkish press on behalf of the refereeing community in the wake of the incident, with the club president of Ankaragucu alleged to be involved in the assault.

In a statement, Kardesler expressed frustration and worry over the conditions they’re operating under. He said, “We won’t be part of the game anymore unless radical decisions are taken.” He added that they were even ready to let foreigners officiate if necessary.

He assured the press that everyone had watched the incident the previous evening, implying there was nothing new to add to the narrative. He also revealed that the Turkish Football Federation had communicated its support towards any decision the referees might take following the appalling incident.

Despite the heightened tensions, Kardesler emphasized their primary concern at the moment was Meler’s health and reuniting him with his family. This prioritization of personal wellbeing over the game underscores the severity of the incident and its impact on the refereeing community.

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