Turin prosecutors again probe Fagioli? Threats received and possible scenario explored

Juventus midfielder, Nicolò Fagioli, could face prosecutors in Turin once again to discuss threats he received during his sports betting period. According to reports in Repubblica, Turin’s prosecutors may be set to summon him to delve further into his allegations of threats.

Police officers on the city’s mobile squad are currently assessing if further questioning of the Juventus footballer would be beneficial. The lead prosecutor Manuela Perrotta is particularly focusing on the threats Fagioli claims to have received increasing with his debt.

Fagioli previously reported to FIGC prosecutor Chiné that he received severe physical threats including ones that promised harm to his legs. It is unclear whether Fagioli was terrified at the time or simply forgot, but if he were to confirm this version of events, prosecutors might open another line of investigation into alleged attempted extortion.

The conversations with Chiné cited him saying, “The more my debt increased, the more severe physical threats I received.”

These reported threats against Fagioli are now expected to be thoroughly probed by the Turin’s prosecutors’ office. Further developments in this case can potentially result in charges relating to attempted extortion being brought to light.

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