Turin, Cairo reveals: Decision on Buongiorno-Milan already made

Urbano Cairo, president of Torino, has been discussing the future of Alessandro Buongiorno. He shared his thoughts on Italy’s RadioUno, amidst speculations about a potential move for Buongiorno.

Cairo was definitive about his intent to retain the young star, dismissing all speculations of Buongiorno moving elsewhere. “If Buongiorno goes to Milan?” Cairo asked rhetorically during the interview. “Milan certainly has the money, but we have renewed his contract until 2028. There’s simply no discussion about it, I don’t want to sell him. He wants to stay at Torino, and I want to keep him, period. He’s growing a lot.”

The Torino president also touched upon a past incident involving another of the club’s notable players. He revealed: “Belotti had a 100 million clause, but at most they offered me 20 million.” This statement highlights the financial dynamics and difficulties often played out behind the scenes in football.

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