Turin, Cairo introduces Robaldo: We will grow more Buongiornos here and on Under 23

At the unveiling of the new Robaldo Sporting Centre project, Torino FC owner Urbano Cairo shared his vision of the club’s future with the gathered press. The discussion, originally serialized on CalcioNews24, provides a keen insight into the stands the club’s leadership is taking in relation to youth development and overall club enhancement.

In terms of youth investment, Cairo has stated “We are investing well, increasing figures in the underage side. We’ve developed an interesting plan with Ludergnani who’s working on both the larger teams and other sides. It’s crucial to have a group of lads growing, and then being quality by the time they reach Under-18 and Primavera.”

Cairo also shared his thoughts on the general investment strategy at the club. He recognised that the financial landscape of football and broader societal circumstances have dramatically influenced cost structures. “When you make an investment, you must follow it step by step and see where it takes you,” he explained. “The investment is significant compared to what was thought years ago. From the war to the escalation of raw materials…the costs of construction have grown significantly and dizzyingly. We will try to do the most beautiful and possible things, with accessible costs, but we want to do something nice.”

The Robaldo Sporting Centre is seen by Cairo as a stepping stone in raising more local talents. Cairo iterated, “It’s crucial for us to have a home, as Don Aldo used to call it. A place of gathering, a specific point of reference. Today, there are many kids who want to play on the bull and do it with passion, cheering. For Buongiorno, seventeen years on the bull is a beautiful thing. It will be a way to grow many other little Buongiornos, who will become big Buongiornos.”

Moreover, he expressed his satisfaction with existing young players. His reference to Ginetiis and other youngsters close to maturity shows the faith he has in his team’s ability to develop talent effectively. “We have bought young players who are demonstrating great quality. With Robaldo, we will have reunited many teams into a single centre, which will be an excellent display for the club. We have calculated how many players have come out of the Mamma and Papà Cairo Trophy, from Inter, from Milan and also… from Torino.”

Cairo also mentioned the possibility of an ambitious Under-23 project, before expressing his appreciation for Sonego – a die-hard Torino fan – who he described as an “extraordinary lad.”

In closing, Cairo reaffirmed Torino’s plan to dedicate a pitch to Don Aldo. “Yes, we all have Don Aldo in our hearts, an extraordinary person. In the last days of his life, we had a beautiful bond.” Consistent with BBC guidelines, further details regarding these proposals and the general future direction of Torino FC will be reported as they emerge.

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