Trevisani: Vlahovic is not a problem for Juve, but the solution

Riccardo Trevisani, a prominent journalist, while appearing on Pressing, raised concerns about Juventus’ usage of Dusan Vlahovic.

Trevisani was quoted as saying, “Vlahovic is not so much a problem but a solution. He has scored a world-class goal, one that Giroud would score. The issue with Vlahovic lies in his mentality, not his feet. He scored 17 goals in 21 matches at Fiorentina, the ball is always round. What I’m saying is that he knows how to score, but he is a great player treated as an ordinary one. He ended up on the bench an unacceptable number of times.”

Trevisani further criticized the decision-making, arguing that the current approach is detrimental to Vlahovic’s confidence and performance. He opined, “If someone, who is known to struggle with the psychology of the game, is placed on the bench 12 times, it’s hard for him to deliver as expected. How can he feel like a starter then?”

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