Trevisani on Pioli: He was treated very badly! He made Milan’s history

Renowned journalist Riccardo Trevisani has leaped to the defence of Milan coach Stefano Pioli following recent controversies.

During an appearance on the show ‘Pressing’, Trevisani stoutly defended Pioli. In a scathing critique of the criticisms aimed at the coach, Trevisani says, “Pioli is being treated badly, yes. He has 39 points! He emerged from what we all claimed was the most difficult of the eight Champions’ League groups, with an ugly penalty gifted to PSG and two horrible mistakes from Maignan against Borussia Dortmund. Did Pioli make mistakes? Yes. Does Pioli bear responsibility for the injuries? Yes.”

He continued, “But what I’ve read and heard about him is scandalous. This is something that just isn’t right. In the last three years, Pioli has brought Milan back to the Champions’ League, won the Serie A title and placed within the top four in the Champions League. When he came second he did not have the second-best squad, when he was first he did not have the best squad and when he was among the top four in the Champions’ League he did not have one of the top four squads in Europe.”

Trevisani suggested, “Pioli has always over-achieved. Perhaps we’ve got accustomed to success and now criticise him unfairly. This season Milan can average 80 points, is Milan worth more than 80 points with all the injuries they’ve had? I don’t think so.” Trevisani’s statements in defence of Pioli articulate the sentiment that the coach’s achievements are being undervalued and his errors overly scrutinised.

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