Traoré is set for Napoli: What’s missing for the official announcement. And about Lukic…

Napoli has been on a shopping spree in the football transfer market, showing interest in players from various parts of the world. Despite what appears to be a chaotic reshuffling initiative, the club maintains that it is part of their strategic plan. Currently occupying a mid-table position with 28 points, they are five points from a Champions League spot and 20 points from winning the league, which they hope to achieve by May.

The club is embarking on a new strategy, featuring a host of potential new signings, amid concerns about a lack of plays on the pitch, injuries, and the absence of some members for the African Cup of Nations. This comes as the team also bids farewell to their midfielder, Elmas.

One of their prominent targets is the Ivorian international, Hamed Junior Traoré. Ahead of making it official, people are speculating that the 24-year-old, due in February, is being dubbed as a turning point for the team. Despite not being a defensive midfielder or a centre-half, Traore is expected to dominate the field this weekend.

The wide-ranging skills of the player have prompted Naples to push their boundaries and bring in a new change in their game. The club has officially approached Bournemouth, which invested 30 million a year ago into Traoré. The negotiation is almost completed to the satisfaction of all parties involved. The manager of the player expressed optimism about the ongoing talks, further adding to the anticipation for the fans. Details about Bournemouth offering a buy-back option for 25 million have sparked excitement as the fans look forward to the conclusion of the deal.

Besides Traoré, Naples has shown interest in a number of other players. There’s the pair of Serbians, Lukic and Samardzic, and an Argentinian, Nehuén Perez. They are also targeting a Belgian player, Theate. Another Belgian on the list is Mangala. The standing of the team is expected to take a positive turn with the inclusion of these players, as detailed in the Italian report on the Corriere Dello Sport website.

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