Traoré is in Napoli: What Remains for Official Confirmation

Napoli FC appears to have struck a wide-ranging deal for an eclectic mix of players, in a strategic turnaround that could signal a new era for the Italian club. The recruitment strategy includes acquiring players from Ivory Coast, Serbia, the Czech Republic, Argentina, and Belgium, with Traoré, Lukic, Samardzic, Barak, Nehuén Perez, Theate, and Mangala being notable mentions. Though the move indicates a whirlwind of activity in the club, it emerges from an urgency to revitalise a team that is currently struggling to find its foot in the ongoing season. The club has garnered twenty-eight points, five from the Champions League cut-off and twenty from the league leaders, and has faced serious concerns regarding the team’s offensive and defensive capabilities.

As reported by Italian publication Corriere dello Sport, 24-year-old Hamed Junior Traoré, who will turn a year older in February, has been identified as the vital player who will initiate change. Not being a traditional defensive or central player, Traoré is expected to bring a new dynamic to the team, prompting Napoli to rethink their project strategies. This means the club has made an official request to Bournemouth, who invested 30 million in the player one year ago. The negotiation process is nearing completion, and it seems to be concluding with a group-wide satisfaction.

The report states, “The conversation is in the details, including with the player’s manager, and optimism is felt: today’s game is in progress, tomorrow is departure, but a lot has moved with Bournemouth”, hinting at a possible softening stance from Bournemouth’s end on future sale at 25 million. The formal completion of the deal is keenly awaited.

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