Real Madrid Makes Surprise Decision on Mbappe

There has been a sensational development in the potential transfer saga involving French forward Kylian Mbappé to Real Madrid, as reported by renowned sports journalist Daniel Riolo of RMC Sport.

Speaking on the matter, Riolo stated, “This is a continuation of what happened last summer. There was a lot of controversy over nothing, because in his mind, he had already decided to have one last season. The only reservation I have is whether or not Real Madrid want him. It’s possible that Real might say: ‘It’s late now, we made you an offer two years ago and you didn’t come.’ At that point, he’ll need to find another club.

“We know that Liverpool made him an offer two years ago, that Chelsea tried last summer. Others have approached but he wants Real. In the end, he’ll go as planned.”

There are lots of speculations and rumours about Kylian Mbappé’s move. However, the player’s desire to play for the Los Blancos is well-known, and it seems likely that this long-anticipated transfer could finally come to fruition next summer.

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