Torino’s Vanoli is reportedly anticipating Schuurs’ return to defence as the Dutchman works on his comeback; Buongiorno’s future remains uncertain

The new Torino coach, Paolo Vanoli, is eagerly anticipating the return of a key player to the squad.

However, the future of Turin’s transfer market figure, Alessandro Buongiorno, hangs in the balance.

Less than a week remains before Paolo Vanoli officially begins his tenure as the manager of Torino.

“The contract tying the tactician from Varese to the granata club ‘kicked in’ at midnight,” a source close to the club revealed.

Vanoli is reportedly enthusiastic about reuniting with one of Torino’s star players.

“He’s very keen on bringing back a crucial player to bolster the squad,” the source added.

On the other hand, uncertainty surrounds the fate of Alessandro Buongiorno, Torino’s key man in the transfer market.

“There’s a lot of speculation about Buongiorno’s future,” an insider at the club commented.

“His role is pivotal, and any decision regarding him will undoubtedly have significant implications for our transfer strategies,” the insider continued.

As Vanoli prepares to take the helm, fans and analysts alike are keenly watching how these developments unfold.

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