Torino’s Ricci: We’re already thinking about Fiorentina, I’m recovering

Samuele Ricci, the midfielder for Torino, has offered insights on his current physical condition and the upcoming Serie A commitments for his team. Speaking to Torino’s official channels, Ricci outlined his ongoing recovery and the impressive progress he’s making.

“I’m still in the recovery phase. Gradually, I am regaining match rhythm,” said Ricci. He stressed his improving health, saying, “Day by day, after each training session, I feel better. The only thing left is to get men physically ready for a game, which presently is going well.”

Ricci also emphasised the importance of being prepared for their next match despite the recent holiday season break. He believes it’s critical not to be distracted by these assuring “mini-holidays” but to stay focused and consider their next opponent, Fiorentina.

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