Torino, Juric: Losing would have been a mockery, Europe? We must be ambitious

Following the match against Udinese, Torino’s head coach, Ivan Juric, expressed his thoughts in an interview with Dazn.

Juric stated, “We dominated the match, it would have been a mockery to lose. We wanted to win it, but I’m satisfied with the game played by the team. We can already think about the next one.”

He appreciated the focus and positivity of Torino on the field, especially in their gameplay. However, he also acknowledged that there is room for improvement, even though he was overall optimistic. “We’re set up well on the pitch, yet we can improve,” the coach told Dazn.

Juric indicated that the team still has the potential to raise their game to another level and remains hopeful for a strong performance this season.

Regarding the European competition, he urged his team to be highly ambitious. He asserted, “Europe? We need to be ambitious to the fullest. We have our weapons to play openly against anyone.”

These statements highlight Juric’s confidence in his team and his aspirations for the upcoming schedule, underscoring his desire to see the team progress. The coach’s comments indicate his satisfaction with the team’s performance against Udinese, alongside his recognition of their potential for continued growth.

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