Torino, Dossena: Great opportunity for Europe, those clues…

Former Torino midfielder Giuseppe Dossena has shared his thoughts on Torino’s chances of qualifying for Europe. In an interview with ‘La Stampa’, Dossena was optimistic about the club’s prospects.

Behind the untouchable top three, Dossena says the fight for European qualification is becoming increasingly interesting. He sees Torino as ready to battle it out until the end. “They have a great opportunity and the signs are excellent,” Dossena said.

Dossena suggested Torino has been on a positive streak. The team has the continuity it needed and has found tranquillity and the right way to stay on track. Dossena noted, “So far, it is a highly positive journey.”

He pointed out a small but significant advantage for Torino – they don’t play in the cups, saving them from the issues affecting other teams.

Giuseppe Dossena’s comments certainly highlight Torino’s strong potential in their pursuit of European qualification. With no cup play to distract them, it seems they are well-positioned for a solid run in the league.

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