Torino, Cairo: We were disadvantaged in last Sunday’s match

The President of Torino, Urbano Cairo, has voiced frustrations over recent officiating in an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport. His comments come in the wake of the team’s recent clash with Frosinone.

He said, “We were hindered in the last game, that’s evident.” Here Cairo is referring to the performance of Luca Massimi, the referee at the Frosinone-Torino match, who has been suspended by his association until the end of this year. Cairo suggested that this penalty bore resemblance to those imposed on referees in the past for critical errors that detrimentally affected Torino.

Cairo goes on to imply a string of consecutive disadvantageous decisions. “This suggests my team is suffering injustices that are somewhat exaggerated. The points being taken from us are becoming too many,” he said.

The president had more specific criticisms too. He claimed that a player from the opposing side, Oyono, should have been sent off, but this did not happen. Additionally, Cairo aired grievances over a penalty decision in a previous match with Frosinone in the Coppa Italia, which he believes led to Torino’s elimination from the tournament.

Cairo also indicated that this was not an isolated incident, but a recurrent issue. “Unfortunately, not only has this happened this year, but also in previous seasons which leaves me stunned.” He articulated his discontent with refereeing in the current season; after only 15 rounds, he believes there have already been three or four referees suspended for penalties following their officiating in Torino matches.

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