Torino, Cairo: Considering the Under 23, we will see

Torino Football Club President Urbano Cairo has spoken during a press conference about the possibility of launching a second team. His comments were made during the presentation of the Robaldo sports centre project, which will host young players from Torino Football Club.

President Cairo lauded the efforts of an executive who is also working with RCS Sport, stating that the executive is a huge fan of the club and is putting in extra hours to ensure the project’s success.

He said, “We are happy to have reached this point. Let’s put aside what happened in the past and look forward to the realisation of the project.” These remarks hinted at past obstacles the project might have faced.

The president further acknowledged the support they received from the mayor in expediting bureaucratic steps to construction. He expressed gratitude for the speed at which the new project was approved and noted that they had consulted with Ludergnani, the person in charge of the youth sector, and Vagnati to make the optimum decision.

The plan includes reducing the number of playing fields from five to four. However, three of the four will meet official regulations, and the smaller pitch is available for use by residents of the district.

President Cairo noted potential challenges they encountered in the early stages of the venture: “We found an underground power plant, so excavation was necessary. It was a complex issue. But the project, designed by architect Seita, is modern, eco-friendly, respectful of the environment, and importantly, solar panels will be installed.”

The facilities at the sports centre will include changing rooms, two grandstands with 500 and 250 seats, a 300-square meter gymnasium, offices, restaurant, conference rooms, and storage areas.

Reflecting on the importance of the initiative, Cairo said, “It’s a significant investment but it is right to give ourselves at Torino a sports centre for our youth players. The trainees range from Under 12s to our Primavera team. And who knows, maybe even the Under 23s… We are yet to decide whether to establish it. However, it will be home to Torino’s youth players.”

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