Tomori’s injury, a headache for Milan: his condition revealed

AC Milan is facing a significant setback, as key player Fikayo Tomori was sidelined during their recent outing to Salerno, marking his first absence in the team’s line-up.

Tomori’s injury has raised concerns within the Rossoneri camp, most notably for head coach Stefano Pioli. The muscle damage sustained by the English defender appears to be rather significant. According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Tomori could potentially be out of action for one month.

This scenario could deal a major blow to Milan, who have been relying on Tomori’s impressive performances throughout the season. The potential severity of the injury is a particular worry, suggesting that the team could be missing their mainstay for a number of critical matches.

It’s undoubtedly a tricky situation for Pioli, who would need to re-align his defensive strategies and empower his squad to cover this sudden void in the coming weeks.

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