Tiago Pinto bids farewell to Roma: Proud to have been part of the ‘Giallorossi’ family

Tiago Pinto, the former general manager of Roma, has spoken out about his departure from the club.

In an official statement to the club, Pinto expressed his gratitude to everyone who had made his time at the club special. Among those he thanked were the Friedkin family, who allowed him to have a unique experience and serve a historic company in a country where football is passion and tradition.

Pinto also expressed his gratitude to the coaches, the players, the staff and all the people who supported him in the restructuring of the sports area. He said they all shared the responsibility and privilege of working for a precious good, which is Roma itself.

In his parting remarks, Pinto addressed two realities that he believes represent together the past, present and future of the Associazione Sportiva Roma: the fans and the youth sector. Speaking to this he said, “The images of boys driven by our public have returned to me the sense of the ‘giallorossa’ family and made me proud to have been a part of it”.

These sentiments were shared in his official farewell to all stakeholders of Roma, as outlined in the statement published by the club.

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