Thiago Motta dedicates Bologna win to Sinisa

Bologna Head Coach, Thiago Motta, expressed his satisfaction after his team’s commendable performance against Roma, at a post-match interview with DAZN.

“We delivered an excellent performance. It’s not an easy feat for the boys to master the game, stay united, defend, compact and eventually perform superbly in every sense. Facing Roma at home was challenging. However, we strove to deliver our best. From the first day of training, these boys were keen on growth, improvement, and matching performances such as today’s one,” he said. Motta further expressed his immense satisfaction in defeating Roma at home, mentioning that the victory felt special and he’s sure it was watched by Sinisa, a reference that was left unexplained.

On their first goal, he shared, “I’ve always said that work combined with a smile turns into something special. These players give us great satisfaction on the pitch when it counts, and also off the pitch, watching them train with professionalism and commitment. We have incredibly intelligent players, who can adapt and respond when spaces open up. Ndoye has excellent rhythm control and Zirkzee also contributed by creating opportunities for his teammates.”

Motta showed his admiration for Zirkzee’s contribution to the team. “Zirkzee proves every day that he’s a fantastic player. Physically strong, technically skilled, and a dedicated hard-worker. He helps the group constantly, sacrificing for the team, which he doesn’t even see as a sacrifice as he’s committed to his work. He made a defensive comeback in our penalty area during the first half. There are times he loses a ball where he shouldn’t, but he’s a young player learning, and his commitment is visible,” he added.

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