Tevez: I never wanted to learn English, post the Falklands War

Carlos Tevez, the renowned footballer, has revealed the reason for his reluctance to learn English even when he was playing in the Premier League. The revelation was made in an interview with Radio D Sports.

According to Tevez, his resistance to the English culture and language was influenced by a family trauma related to the Falklands War. A direct quote from the interview, as translated, states: “I had a cultural issue with them [English], due to stories conveyed by my uncle which deeply impacted my childhood.

“My uncle was a player for River, the only River supporter in the family, who was playing in the reserve team. Just when he was due to play a match with the first team, he was drafted into the Falklands War, denying him the opportunity to fulfill that dream. After the war, he transformed into an alcoholic, suffered immensely. We were very close, and it had an enormous impact on me.”

He further mentioned his seven-year tenure in England, stating that it was purely professional and he never managed to adapt to the English culture. However, he stated: “I had no intention to learn English for my reasons. My daughters do speak English, they study in English.”

Tevez’s statement gives profound insight into the personal experiences shaping his perceptions and decision-making throughout his notable career.

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