Ternana, Breda looks ahead to Feralpisalò: We must not be complacent, we understand the difficulty of the game

Roberto Breda, the head coach of Ternana Football Club, has spoken to the media ahead of their forthcoming Serie B match against Feralpisalò.

During the press conference, Breda urged the team against complacency. Stressing the importance of the match, he was quoted as saying, “Two games ago we had the same level of points.” This direct quote implies that the team should not undervalue the competitive standing of Feralpisalò.

Recognizing the quality of their opponent, Breda mentioned that Feralpisalò might not be a team in shambles, but they have some weaker points and also good players. He emphasised on the crucial nature of the forthcoming match and stated that getting positive results would mean a big step forward for their team.

Referring to the team’s recent performance, he pointed out that it was hard work and not grace that led to their victory in Cosenza. Breda emphasised that within every match, there are different scenarios. Hence, the team must be both smart and aggressive.

The coach concluded the conference by highlighting that the desire to improve must always be vibrant within the team, especially while they are conversing with their competitors on the pitch. The source of these quotes was a press conference given by Roberto Breda.

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