Ter Stegen Hopes Meret’s Dream Run Will End Tomorrow

Barcelona goalkeeper Marc Andre Ter Stegen spoke of Napoli’s shot-stopper, Alex Meret, Xavi’s departure in June and the rumoured arrival of Hansi Flick in the pre-match press conference of Barcelona vs Napoli.

On the topic of Xavi’s forthcoming departure, Ter Stegen said, “I am upset about it, but we know we must always give our best. In fact, we need to do it even more for him. Xavi is a great coach who managed to get us back to top levels. It’s not easy for me to accept this, both as a player and as a man.”

About Hansi Flick, the Barca’s shot-stopper stated, “This is not a good time to talk about it. Flick is a great person, we all respect him greatly, especially us German National players. However, today is not the time to discuss it because tomorrow, we play the most important game of the season”.

Talking about Napoli’s goalkeeper Meret, Ter Stegen commented, “I have followed him, he has alternated with Ospina in the last few years. He is at a very good level, he played a lot of games and I am happy for him. I wish him to keep going like this, but I also wish that his Champions League dream ends tomorrow.”

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