Tassotti Advises Milan to Keep Theo Hernandez and Pioli

Former Milan star, Mauro Tassotti, has spoken about the future of the Rossoneri in an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport. Tassotti emphasises on the significance of focusing on youth development, using Theo as an example.

Rumour mills are suggesting that the upcoming Milan derby might see Inter celebrating their second Scudetto at the home of their city rivals, AC Milan. “You must focus on the growth of the young players, the example is Theo,” Tassotti said in the interview, referencing the club’s young talent.

The ex-Milan icon’s comments highlight the importance of nurturing young talent as the club looks to regain its prominence in Italian football. The speculation comes at a time when Inter Milan is reportedly close to securing the Serie A title.

This story is developing more as the anticipation for the Milan derby builds, an event that could potentially see a changing of the guard in the city’s footballing power balance.

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