Tacchinardi on Juve market: De Paul would be ideal

In a recent interview with Gazzetta dello Sport, former Juventus footballer Alessio Tacchinardi has given advice to Juventus for their January transfer window.

Tacchinardi emphasized that Juventus should have no regrets. He stated, “I believe that Juve should have no regrets: Inter is strong, but not unbeatable.” According to Tacchinardi, Juventus needs a midfielder with a strong goal-scoring ability to strengthen their Serie A title challenge.

He shared further thoughts, explaining that the current midfield of Massimiliano Allegri’s team lacks goal-scorers apart from Adrien Rabiot. He stated, “Too often the opponent’s area is empty, without someone who arrives from behind.” The former Juventus player recommended a half winger who can make late runs into the box, similar to Antonio Conte in his time or Claudio Marchisio more recently.

Tacchinardi went on to suggest that Rodrigo De Paul, who he saw in the World Cup with Argentina, would be the ideal profile. However, he recognises the financial constraints of such a move. Tacchinardi said, “I also realise that you can’t always buy without considering the budget. But Juve also has some young players around to make money.”

Concluding his advice to Juventus, Tacchinardi expressed his fears as a fan of the Bianconeri. He noted, “With Inter so close I am afraid, as a Bianconeri fan, that at the end of the season we may regret not having done so”.

The source of these direct quotes is the interview Tacchinardi gave to La Gazzetta Dello Sport, in which he contemplated the future possibilities of Juventus in the transfer window.

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