Suslov reportedly didn’t hesitate when Verona called, mentions passionate yellow-blue fans.

Suslov, the midfielder for Verona, has shared his thoughts on the club’s recently concluded season where his contributions were crucial for their survival.

Speaking to Corriere di Verona, Suslov said, “I really appreciate Verona’s supporters. I needed a change and from the moment I arrived in Verona, I had a strong desire for this new challenge.”

He expressed his gratitude for the unwavering support he received from the fans, highlighting the important role they played in his and the team’s performance.

“From the beginning, their encouragement was essential for me,” Suslov added. “It gave me the strength to push myself and contribute to the team’s success.”

The midfielder’s reflections on the season particularly emphasised the importance of unity and perseverance.

“In difficult moments, the solidarity within the team and the support of the fans were key elements that helped us get through,” Suslov remarked.

Overall, Suslov’s season with Verona has not only been a significant personal milestone but also a testament to the collective effort that saw the team secure their place in the league.

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