Summer Departures Expected at Lecce, Situation May Change

The summer transfer window is approaching rapidly, and Lecce is braced for a significant shake-up in their squad.

Despite a strong finish last season that secured their top-flight survival, the club is preparing for some notable departures.

Both Lorenzo Venuti and Nicola Sansone are expected to leave the club, which will undeniably alter the dynamics of Marco Baroni’s squad.

Sources close to the club suggest that neither Venuti nor Sansone have been included in Baroni’s plans for the upcoming season.

“Venuti and Sansone have been instrumental in our campaign, but the time has come to make some strategic changes,” an insider was quoted as saying by Gazzetta dello Sport.

Interestingly, the situation is still fluid and changes could happen at any moment.

“There is always a chance for things to shift. Until the transfer window closes, anything is possible,” added the source.

Lecce’s fans will be anxiously waiting to see how these developments unfold and the new faces that could come in as replacements.

The club’s ambition to surpass last season’s achievements hinges on these crucial decisions in the transfer market, highlighting the importance of careful planning and execution.

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